Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stepping up in Surrender

When we step fully into growth opportunities, the Universe never fails to offer us venues in which to deepen our self awareness, strengthen our spiritual practice and practice the use of our spiritual tools.

Surrender has been a big classroom for me of late. It seems that at every turn, I am faced with new opportunities to practice my patience of allowing, surrendering to the process and trusting that all will unfold in its highest and best good.

The latest classroom is my career position. I've been in the angst of job uncertainty before, and here I am again. BUT the Universe is placing me into this classroom verses my choosing to step into it by my own choosing. In these economic times, it is easy, thanks to the media, to freak about the "what ifs" of not having a steady reliable income flowing in. In my "day" job, I encounter clients who are in living real situations of uncertainty that becomes their reality. I trust that I am provided for, and have enjoyed security in that belief through my employment. But today, others' economic realities are threatening my own income security. I can't say I didn't expect it; I am psychic, after all. And I'm also very powerful in that I manifested it through my thoughts and words.

"Huh? Are you crazy? Why would you do that?" you ask. I've been unhappy in my position for awhile, so I began affirming that I have a part-time position that offers equal if not greater salary in an environment that emits a higher vibration, and allows me the freedom of creative inspiration and service.

I have no idea what will shake down over the next two or three months; who does and why would I? I move forward, one moment at a time, from a place of trust and surrender. Don't be mistaken, I will have the human moments of panic, frustration, exasperation, and fear now and again. But today, I'm in a stronger place to manage this latest leg of my journey, more so than I was three years ago when I unconsciously stepped into my spiritual classroom. I'm already living in a state of surrender around my mom's declining health. I'm simply being asked to step up my practice of living in the moment from a different angle.

I'm being asked to step up my affirmative prayer and belief in my creative power to manifest whatever goodness I desire moving forward. I'm being asked to fully practice complete and unwaivering belief and faith in my abundance and infinite supply by living in the state of full surrender to the knowing that the Universe already does, and will continue to provide for me.

This state of being is much more peaceful than choosing fear. From what place are you living your life today?

Love and Light,

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