Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shifting Up in Vibration

It’s been a while since my last blog; thank you for your patience and understanding over the last month and a half. As most of you know, I’ve been in Kentucky assisting my father with the care of my mother who was diagnosed as terminal in January. My mom passed on September 3rd, and I’ve taken the month of September and October off to see to the business of supporting my father as well as for my own personal healing. The mourning will continue beyond October, but the time I’ve taken has offered me the opportunity to recoup energy expended through this amazing and challenging human experience.

As many of you may also know, we have moved into an amazing shift in September as the separation between lower and higher vibrations has been taking place. I am not alone in the multitude of changes that are taking place, as I hear many other like-minded colleagues, peers and acquaintances that are experiencing intense shifts and transitions that, upon initial appearances, seem to be out of their control. These changes are around jobs, life's work, relationships, and even around routine and material experiences as we’ve known them. Are these changes really out of our control? The Universe supports us in ways even we can not imagine.

Using my own journey, as an example, I learned of my mother’s illness in January. At the end of May, I learned that my job contract would not be renewed, and thus, I would be unemployed as of the end of June. One door closes, another opens; in this case, I was given the freedom to return to Kentucky to serve my parents in their time of need, as well as spend as much quality time as I could with my mom in her final weeks on Planet Earth. But the Universe is not quite finished with me yet! In this dark time of waiting for my mom’s transition, I meet, quite surprisingly and unexpectedly, my Beloved that I’ve spent the last year affirming as manifested (a testament to the Law of Attraction) in my life! Again, as another door begins to close around my relationship with my mom, another door opens to a relationship with my Beloved, and a heart, and life, filled with love and joy in the midst of my grief. Can the spectrum of shifts be any more extreme?

For me personally, I have much in my life still up in the air in this journey, but I’m learning to let go and surrender, even more than I already thought was possible. As we move forward in our journey, our personal growth and spiritual lessons deepen, bringing us to an even higher vibration and state of consciousness as we move through the human experience. I encourage you to consider how doors that may be closing in your life are truly opportunities for you to step more fully into your Authentic Self. The level of consciousness we hold as to the mysteries (or are they really that mysterious) of the Universe and its work will determine how well we manage such intensely shifting human experiences.

Now is the time to deepen our spiritual practice of daily meditation and introspection. Greater self-care and self-nurturing is needed to support our human Ego and strengthen our resolve of perseverance. Efforts toward greater and more conscious expressions of gratitude temper the sense of uncertainty around the unknown. Rooting ourselves more consciously into a deeper trust and faith that the Universal Spirit is handling all the details of the unseen helps dissipate the illusions of fear and anxiety, and cool the burning questions of “what", "how” and “when.” We are One. We are One in God. We are God Expression, human vessels through which God creates. What we create is decided upon by each of us. All is as it should be, and in this knowing, we can know all human roads lead to the deeper understanding of Creative Power of God Within each of us.

Love and Light.

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