Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 - May We Remember the Unity and Oneness

September 11, 2001. No doubt we each remember where we were that fateful morning when the U.S. was attacked by terrorists. No doubt we each remember the feelings that coursed through us as the morning moved into afternoon, afternoon into evening, evening into night as the realization of what happened began to sink in.

The images are etched into our memory. But do we as a country remember the oneness that resulted because of this attack? Do we remember that solidarity of being United, being in this together? Given the recent goings-on in Washington around the economy, the deficit, and the sniping between parties, we have not witnessed a sense of “being in this together” within our governmental system Arrogance; pride; personal and political agendas; ugliness; defamation; finger-pointing; this is what we’ve seen demonstrated, not that of unity within our government.

Unfortunately, it takes a 9/11 to bring us together. It takes the death of many to realize how great we’ve got it, to shift our focus off our political agendas and petty differences and onto working together, doing what’s best for the country as a whole. Everyone is full of opinions but we are an emotional country – we react, and then we react in reaction. This method is how our government has been run of late, not just by our president, but by our senators and representatives, and most of all, we the people. We the people can choose to support the unfocused energy of politicizing and bad-mouthing or demand of all who are in charge, Congress and the Administration alike, to stop bickering in selfishness and party-righteousness, and come together in oneness to work together.

Tomorrow, we honor the ten-year anniversary of a devastating event that scarred firsthand hundreds of thousands of lives, and singed those of us who witnessed the brutal attack on our country. Let this anniversary remind us that red or blue, left or right, conservative or liberal, we are ALL in this together, and the only way we will survive is if we work together collectively and consciously to what is the highest and best for everyone, not just the elite or the poor.

May the souls of those who perished September 11, 2011 rest in peace with our Maker Above, and may the families and friends find comfort in this country’s appreciation for their sacrifice, especially those who gave their lives on this day in service to innocent victims of misguided self-serving believers of a faith misunderstood.

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