Monday, October 10, 2011

Soul Teachers on Our Journey

Throughout our lives, we meet people who are soul teachers. Other souls traveling in the human experience cross our paths in a variety of ways: directly and indirectly; briefly and longer periods of time; violently and peacefully; eventfully and uneventfully; lovingly and hatefully, etc. Each of these encounters are classrooms in which we consciously learn something about ourselves through soul to soul contact, that is, if we are willing to learn from the experiences. Some believe we come into the human experience to “remember” and reconnect to the knowing of our soul essence: God within us, as us. We experience Life to more closely align with the divinity within. Sometimes our life experiences are hurtful and painful, and other times, exciting and enjoyable. They may be quiet, uneventful, but impressionable. The level of willingness to opening our awareness to a deeper understanding determines the extent of wisdom we will glean from the experience.

You and I both have experienced interactions with people that left us feeling less than, inadequate, or insignificant; in which we were left feeling empty, violated, or worthless. And yet, other experiences have left us wanting more for ourselves, joyous and inspired. Each and every person with whom we connect is a soul mate. We may not always understand from the human perspective why people do what they do, why people are taken from us with and without warning, or why people leave us feeling hurt, betrayed, or unwanted. These encounters often leave the deepest impression which are oversized invitations for our healing of something within. The significant experiences of life are etched into our memories. Personally, my spiritual wisdom files titled “Lessons Learned” and “Healing Projects” are busting at the seams; however, lately, I am moved to pay closer attention to the quieter, non-dramatic lessons my soul mates in Life are teaching me.

Recently, I shared a confidence about myself with a friend that I trust; despite that trust, I felt immense apprehension around doing so. I feared rejection, concerned my friend would be repulsed by my past experience. I prepared to be shunned, and steeled myself for it. Our Human Ego can create such drama in our minds first, only to generate unnecessary inner turmoil which feeds the externalization of the imagined drama made manifest. Upon confiding in my friend with bated breath, the reaction I got was surprisingly uneventful. There was silence, an acknowledgment of the information, and a reassurance it was okay. After a brief exchange around it, we were on to another topic for discussion. And interestingly, I felt awkward; this unconditional non-judgmental acceptance was not what I was expecting, so much so I silently questioned perhaps my friend didn't hear me, or understood what I said! Yet time kept on moving, as if the subject had never come up. The past was the past, and we were in the present moving forward.

I realized later this beautiful soul was teaching me to unconditionally accept myself. My precursory upset and fear wasn't about my friend's reaction, but rather how I felt about myself. I was rejecting myself, feeling repulsed by my past, and projecting that onto my friend. In that loving soul to soul teaching moment, I realized how unconditionally accepting I strive to be of others, yet had left one important person off that list – me!

Who are your soul teachers in this life? They may appear in a variety of ways, but those with whom we are closest, with whom we have the greatest challenges and greatest joys are our biggest teachers. But today, I invite you to examine the everyday smaller events in your life: the exchange with the checkout lady or the UPS man, or a co-worker you deal with daily. What might they teach you as they cross your path in Life's journey? Our Soul Teachers may serve as mirrors to reflect back an aspect of who we are, or what we desire to be or not be. Or in a brief yet meaningful exchange, they may teach you something invaluable about yourself. Smile when you meet these individuals, and silently acknowledge their soul. Thank them for touching base with you in this dimensional realm.

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Leah64 said...

Excellent Carolyn. There is much truth in this piece you've' written.
Love you muchly.