Friday, January 13, 2012

Attention Everyone! Leave Tebow Alone!

I have had enough of this Tebow business!

First, for the record, I am a Denver Bronco fan, I love Colorado which was my home for ten years, and I am THRILLED with Tim Tebow and what he offers to the Bronco franchise.

Second, I don't care if Tebow wants to kneel down in prayer, kneel with both knees on the ground and bend all the way over, make the sign of the cross or raise his hands to the sky to thank God in prayer and praise.

Third, I admire Tim Tebow for sticking to his spiritually religious beliefs and who he is, and. . .

Fourth, while he honors his personal religious beliefs, I appreciate that he doesn't use moments when asked about them to proselytize or “convert” anyone by shoving them in our face or down our throat.

Okay, that said, I am sick and tired of Tim Tebow being used by everybody as a weapon for a religious war of righteousness!

To the people who criticize and ridicule Tebow for his sideline knee bend, be you atheists, angry former Christians, twice a year Christians, agnostics, and yes, Christians who are just pissed off that Tebow is that good and beating your teams: Get over yourselves! If you believe or don't believe in God, fine. If you have a bug up your hind-end about God and Christianity, fine. If you believed in God and feel God let you down in life, or let your favorite football team down, fine. Please just mind your own business of hating, non-believing, and resentment stewing. I respect your position. Its your spiritual journey, or perhaps, for some of you, your non-spiritual journey. It's between you and the Power above, or for some of you, that which “doesn't exist.”

To the Christians who criticize those aforementioned for criticizing Tebow for his sideline knee bend, be you fundamental, mild to moderate or extreme Christians: Get over yourselves! If you truly believe in Jesus Christ and that all will answer to Him upon death, let the Big Guy deal with those who you believe will burn in hell after being dealt with on Judgment Day. Please just mind your own business of believing and praising. I respect your position. Its your spiritual journey. It's between you and J.C.

And hey, one more thing dear Christians, stop using the Muslims as your weapon in your religious war against those who rail on Tebow in the name of their non-belief! Just as those who condemn Tebow for owning and living his faith, so have the majority of Christianity condemned the Muslims for owning and living their faith. But what do you do? You use them as your righteous justification for Tebow to practice what he believes when you can't respect what Muslims believe and their right to practice it? Unbelievable, not to mention hypocritical!

Tim Tebow just wants to play football and worship God his way. He's minding his own business. Now if everyone else, non-believers of God and/or Jesus Christ, Christians, and Muslims alike would just mind their own spiritual, non-spiritual and religious business without exerting energy on Facebook, in the media, in the pulpits in the name of Jesus Christ, Allah, and that which “doesn't exist” to arrogantly condemn others for not seeing their beliefs their way, this world would have less war, and more of what I believe God and Jesus Christ want from all of us to begin with: Love, Peace and Harmony.

God bless Tim Tebow. God bless the Denver Broncos. God bless us all.


Ann Beasley said...

Thank you so much for this blog!So many people want to push their ideology on others. God is "Infinite" and thus; there are "infinite" ways to connect to Him!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!