Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being Comfortable in the Moment

One thing we know about life is that it is ever-changing. We are in a time of history in which change is upon this great country, and even the world. With a new president who was elected on the premise of change, we anticipate how all this change will look, and impact our lives. The economy, the way the government does business, and even how we carry on the business of our everyday lives in these changing times will be scrutinized.

For me personally and professionally, I am already experiencing change that is inevitable in my life. In January, my mom was diagnosed as terminal, with renal cancer on her brain, she has only but a few months to live out her life. There is nothing the doctors can do for her except offer her some quality time before there is no stopping the tumors growth. In this experience, I am learning how to show up differently for my mom, my dad, and even my brother. Professionally, I'm discovering that my current work environment (my day job) is not the best fit for me anymore. This revelation is heartbreaking and unsettling, but I also trust that in this experience, the Universe is preparing me for something better at some point. In both these experiences, I'm learning to surrender, to let go of controlling the outcomes and needing to know how it will all work out.

With all the uncertainty, we must learn to let go and be in the moment. I'm getting better at being in the moment. I can't control the outcome of my mother's illness; I can manage how I show up for her in every second, minute and hour I have left with her. In my work environment, I can only control how I show up in a higher vibration that is respectful, honoring and loving with others. No matter what curve balls are thrown at me, I know I am at choice in how I show up within that moment, and at what level of integrity I do so.

None of us can control how things look, how others show up; we can only manage ourselves within the situation. I choose to come from a place of spiritual truth, though there are times when I fall off balance when the Human Ego steps in. But I can also choose to get up, dust myself off of those lower vibrating energies, and get right back to Center. We can't worry about the "what ifs" and what has yet to come. We can't change the past, it's gone. We can only focus on right here, right now. It's a more powerful place to be in the midst of change. Not always easy, but ultimately, that effort pays off in greater happiness, quicker inner peace and a certainty that God/Spirit has my back.


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