Monday, August 26, 2013

God's Got Your Back - Let Go(d)

Ever focus so intensely on an event or a project in your life that when it was over,
you suddenly felt out of sorts? Confused? Even lost?

My focus the first five months of 2013 centered on seeing my dad through the selling of his home and belongings, and moving him into a personal care home. Having completed that, I suddenly felt disoriented in my life. I experienced a restless feeling as I faced the daunting question, “What next?

It was an exciting, yet frightening time. My soul leapt with joy at the infinite possibilities of creating a new adventure in my life. My Egoic Self kept saying, “Oh, shit!”   In time, and with meditation, I relaxed into trusting that clarity would make itself known. One day while meditating, I saw before me a blank canvas: fresh, white and ready to be painted. In one corner I saw my father, reminding me of my commitment of service to him through his final years.  The rest was empty, yet filled with so much potential for abundance and possibilities.

That's it?” my Egoic Self whined. Ever the doer in action, the Overachiever in me began chomping at the bit to fill in the blank space. The brainstorm of ideas popped as my Gemini mind raced in hundreds of directions. A quiet loving request from Spirit Within asked me to be patient (the Life lesson at that time) and allow myself to be open, to relax in the moment and into the flow of Universal possibilities. With deep breaths, my Egoic Self agreed to be comfortable with the uncertainty, and to trust it was temporary.  Within my meditative space, clarity slowly revealed the message loud and clear: “Write. It's time to take your writing to the next level.” I wasn't surprised, but a sudden moment of fear seized me as my Egoic Self started her familiar mantra of  “oh shit, oh shit, OH shit!” again.
She really cracks me up sometimes!

I've been writing since I was a little girl. In meditations, I've seen myself as a published author read by millions, and my speaking to crowds who come to hear me speak about my books. This startling vision first appeared in 2006. Ten years earlier, a psychic reading revealed I needed to take my writing more seriously. The messenger asked (through my reader) why I wasn't writing more. At the end of 2008, I stepped into writing by starting this blog. Little did I realize how opening that creative channel would serve as a therapeutic outlet for me while my mom was dying. I believe everything happens in Divine timing; and now, my Higher Self gently informed me its time for my writing fingers to hit the keyboard.

God always knows what we need, and provides us with whatever we need as long as we believe it and are open to receiving. A few weeks after clarity revealed itself, an article about an upcoming Christian writer's conference in Elizabethtown was in our local paper. “Well, how about that!” my Egoic self said in awe. I signed up for the Saturday portion of the weekend conference. Boy, did I come to realize there is a whole lot more to writing and getting published!  After breathing into a brown paper bag to recover from information overload, I had clarity on what I needed to do next.  If I wanted to be taken seriously as a writer, and be published, I needed to hone my craft.  Alas, I stumbled across a delightful book about the nuts and bolts of good writing.  I also find a fabulous email subscription that sends invaluable daily writing tips. Thank you Spirit! The hungry writer within me feasted on this newfound information.
Two weeks later, I stumble across another newspaper article about a writers' group that meets at the library. “Well, if that don't beat all!” my Egoic Self thought in amazement. I inquired about the group, and attended the first meeting.  I received positive and constructive feedback on a piece I wrote for this very blog.  I also met a fellow writer and kindred spirit ready and willing to offer support!

A few weeks later, a friend shares the business card of a local woman who owns an international company that offers up-and-coming authors support!  Additionally, she provides a platform upon which authors may receive meaningful feedback on their books designed to boost publishing success. “Holy cow and WOW!” my Egoic Self says, finally convinced that all is in Divine order.  I meet this gal next month.

Now I have to write that book!! I never believed in writer's block until recently when the flow of words seemed to go dry. With both human and divinely-guided nudges, I finally sat down and made myself write. Anything! The block broke, and the words are flowing again. During my silent retreat, my inner guidance asked me to write thirty minutes a day, or four hours a week. So far, I've met that request, and am mainly writing for this blog.  I also write those words that ring in my head at 3 a.m. in the morning!   I am patiently waiting for clarity around the outline, the content I'm to write for my book. I have many ideas, not unusual for the Gemini brain.  I relax in the knowing that I am the conduit for the Divine, channeling the written word for my blog.  So shall I trust and know the Divine guidance for my book. I simply wait again for clarity, trusting that God knows what I need and will provide it when its time.

Once we align our Soul with our passion; make the commitment to fulfill it; and then, fully commit to it in Spirit, thought, emotion, and action, God provides whatever we need to move us along in making it a reality. We only need to relax into the flow of Universal Spirit.  We also must recognize and participate in the Divine-supplied opportunities when they appear. The opportunities I describe above found their way to me. I simply set the intention, and opened myself to receive God's touch and winks, which reassure me I am on the right track.
When we relax in the Divine knowing, and trust God has our back
in support of our highest vision and dream,
we give the Universe room to work magic and miracles in our lives.
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SuzanneG said...

Wow, I remember that need to breathe into a brown paper bag feeling! But it sounds like Spirit is providing you exactly what you need for every step on your journey toward this moment of speaking to people who read your book(s). Keep moving Downstream.

Theresa Jewel Pinkston said...

I feel inspired by your spiritual journey and I'm excited Owensboro Writers Group could help you along the way!